1907 - 1988

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To Hon Cheung began the martial arts at an early age, following his master, Fong Yuk Shu. Fong Yuk Shu took a liking to his young student as he displayed both hard work and perseverance. When To Hong Cheung reached the age of twenty-eight, his teacher, Fong Yuk Shu, invited him to be the head instructor in his second (of six) martial arts school in Canton.

During the Canton martial arts Championships in 1933 and 1934, To Hon Cheung competed and triumphed both years as he received both first and second place standings in the spear and staff categories. During World War II, To Hon Cheung moved back to his native village of Go Yiu, where the village elders appointed him the headmaster of the village martial arts school, Tung Yi Tong. He expended the school and changed the name to Tung Yi Kwoon. Within his school, he trained an elite group of clandestine operatives know as the Dai Dao Dui (the "big blade troops") that took on covert missions to fight off Japanese invaders during the war. Due to his patriotic deeds, he was appointed the director of the largest charity organization in Canton at the time, Hin Jen Tong. When the war had ended, he opened his own martial arts school in Sai Kwan called, Chuen Yi Tong.

In 1947 To Hon Cheung relocated to Hong Kong to establish the To Hon Cheung Martial Arts Athletic Academy in the Shum Shui Po district of Kowloon and taught thousands of student across the globe before his death.

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