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To Sum began learning both the martial and medical arts under his father, To Hon Cheung at an early age.  Though a martial arts master in his own right, To Sum’s interest in the medical profession lead him to study at the Ching Wah Medical University in China where he attained his degree traditional medicine in 1960.  After attaining his license, To Sum opened a medical clinic in the Shum Shui Po district dubbed simply, the To Sum Clinic. 

1963 – Along with his martial arts brothers, with Lam Wai Leung and Lau Ping Tsoi, To Sum opened the Chinese External Medical Academy to spread the Chinese healing arts. 

1964 – To Sum established the Chik Kin Athletic Association to promote and teach the martial arts.  In the same year he had also established the Chun Wan Academy to teach both traditional Chinese martial and medical arts.  He was also appointed the Chinese martial arts head instructor at the Berkley Community Center. 

On the 3rd of March in 1972, To Sum collaborated with his kung fu brothers to officially consolidate and register with the To Hon Cheung Chinese Martial Arts Consolidated Association with the Hong Kong government.

In addition to his achievements in both the medical and martial arts, To Sum is also a writer and a historian. He was a regular columnist in a popular Hong Kong martial arts magazine called Mo Lum Tin Day (The Martial Arts World).  Currently To Sum continues his medical practice in the Chum Shui Po district of Kowloon, while avidly promoting the Chinese martial arts internationally.

Achievements –

  • Director of the To Sum Clinic of Chinese Osteology
  • Founder and President of the Hong Kong Gymnastics and Martial Arts Association
  • International Wushu organizing committee member representing Hong Kong
  • Founder of Hong Kong Wushu Union
  • Honorary Chairman for Life of Association of Hong Kong and Kowloon Practitioners of Chinese Medicine
  • President of the Chinese Institute of Osteology and Dermatology
  • President of Chik Kin Training College of Chinese Kung Fu

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